If you have ever had an issue with a tendon, you’ll know what a painful and difficult problem they are to deal with.  Tendonitis can effect your achillies, patella, gluteal, rotator cuff and elbow tendons, particularly in sports people.  Tendons may suffer due to prolonged over use or may have adaptive failure to a new or unfamiliar activity.  This is why it often pays (particularly as we get a bit older) to move carefully into new and unfamiliar exercise routines and sports.  Often with tendon issues there is no easy fix and good quality treatment strategies are important, these often include regular prescribed exercises to stimulate repair in the tendon.

How we fix Tendonitis

The main pathologies affecting tendons are: acute strains (tendonitis), tendinosis and tearing.  An acute tendonitis can clear relatively quickly however tendinosis and tendon tears are not easily fixed and require concerted rehabilitation programmes.  As part of management we have the option of referring you for Ultrasound scans to view the status of the tendon.  In the case of more severe tearing of the tendon we may refer you to a sports doctor for further review.

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