Sciatica and Femoratica

Sciatica and Femoratica are terms relating to the inflammation and irritation of nerves that exit the spine in the lumbar region. Typically, sciatica affects the back (posterior) of the leg, and femoratica affects the front (anterior). Symptoms of sciatica and femoratica include sharp shooting pain, pins and needles, numbness and muscle weakness. These conditions are most commonly caused by a disc prolapse (bulge) which compresses and irritates an adjacent nerve root.

How we fix Sciatica and Femoratica

It is in our scope of practice to treat and manage sciatica and femoratica and just like low back pain we have good procedures for doing so. Sciatic and femoratica involve quite significant tissue disruption and do take time to heal. Appropriate management during this process is therefore very important. Pharmaceutical intervention is important here so often we advise a consultation with your GP to work out the best medicines for you. In some circumstances referral to an Orthopaedic or Musculoskeletal Specialist is required in the treatment of sciatic and femoral nerve issues however 80% can be managed with conservative therapy. Call us for a consultation