Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is a key part of how we treat at Osteo Me. Almost all of our patients will be given some form over exercise to do between their appointments. Exercise prescription can fulfil many purposes.

It may be that we use an exercise(s) to reinforce something that we are trying to achieve during treatment – joint realignment or keeping a joint mobile for example.

Giving the patient tools to help them help themselves empowers them to be part of their recovery process. Our bodies respond better to regular stimulus, so if we give someone as exercise to do 3 times day for example, your body is receiving that stimulus many times in a day and a week and is much more likely to change/adapt in a way that we want it to.

Different types of exercises include:

Stretching – we use stretching for improving flexibility of muscles and kinematic chains, joint range of motion, to help muscles to relax and sometimes to encourage healing.

Core stability: strengthening work for your abdominal wall and back muscles, often we use this to rehabilitate lumbar spine injuries.

Graded loading/resistance exercise: to build strength, encourage healing of a tendon or muscle injury, stablise a joint

Dynamic loading and balance exercises: to strengthen and stabilise. We often use these to rehabilitate ankles and knees.

Postural exercises: to increase awareness of and improve posture.