The McKenzie Method

All practitioners at OsteoMe have training in the McKenzie method.  The McKenzie method was developed by a Wellington Based Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie and is now widely used around the world.  Robin is the author of the well-known books ‘Treat your own back’ and ‘Treat your own neck’.  The McKenzie method has become the standard in the field of spinal and extremity care.  The McKenzie method is now called Manual Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) and is probably the most widely recognised and research endorsed method in manual therapy.  It is for this reason that all Osteopaths at OsteoMe are required to undertake training in MDT.

In 2004, the American PT magazine ‘Advance for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants’ published a survey of 320 randomly selected physical therapists who work in the orthopedic field.  They asked practitioners in the Physical Therapy profession about the people who have most influenced their opinion and how they practice.  The physiotherapists could call 10 people and write reviews from 0 (no influence) to 4 (very large impact). Robin McKenzie (founder of MDT) was shown to have the most impact.

The McKenzie method is very safe, gentle and effective.  It is not only a treatment method but a diagnostic and management model.  It is very commonly used as part of management by Osteopaths at OsteoMe.

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