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Hi Hamish and Debbie, Just letting you know that I saw Dr Segar the spinal surgeon. As well as being a lovely person he read your report Hamish - and after examining me entirely agreed with it! So thanks so much for your support and kind actions. I feel lucky to have found you. Booked an SI cortisone injection in a couple of weeks.

The team at OsteoMe came highly recommended to me. And now that I have been twice I can see why. I have been treated by both Vance and Simone and can honestly say they are both brilliant in their field. They listened and got right to the source straight away, and the results have been amazing. Thanks, guys

OsteoMe, taking care of our customers…

I have been going to Shannon for some time now and find him wonderful, he knows what to do, I find him totally professional and I would recommend him to anyone with issues. He has always got different techniques and I always walk out feeling a lot better after a treatment. I wish all the best.

We were really impressed with the treatment we received from Vance, treating my 11 year old son, targeting the main impact and issues and quickly treating the area to heal quickly. Vance was able to relate to similar sporting interests and activities. We would very much recommend Vance and will be definitely booking back in with Vance for any future related treatments.

Vance is very professional coupled with being really relatable. I felt like he listened well to my concerns and communicated to me his method of treatment, which had an immediate effect. I would highly recommend Vance to anyone looking for a top quality Osteo.

Where would I be without Shannon?! His firm but gentle hands and warm understanding manner make me comfortable with him taking away my aches and pains. Life is stressful enough without pain and Shannon has the skills and experience to keep my body balanced and comfortable.

My back is back to normal. I have even been on a big walk! Please thank Shanon, I am thrilled. I did my exercises and also massaged some deep heat into my lower back. I am back to normal.

After many years of trying to get relief from the aftermath of an injury, with no luck, I attended Orewa Osteopathy. The thorough history taking before treatment began gave me confidence and the treatment, together with the exercises provided have given me relief to an extent I had begun to think was not possible. Under the guidance of Hamish, I am able to do the prescribed exercises properly as he checked how I was doing these exercises regularly.  It has been in excess of 18 years since I have been pain-free, but that is how I have been for some 6 weeks now. It has made life much more pleasant and enjoyable. I have been recommending Orewa Osteopathy, and in particular Hamish to anyone who will listen.

I have been seeing Hamish for more than 2 years as I suffer from back and neck pain due to my job. I have also been suffering from severe leg pain when exercising, which Hamish diagnosed as anterior compartment syndrome.  I have found Hamish professional and helpful. He alleviates the pain in my neck and back and has given me exercises to strengthen my muscles to minimise my pain. He clearly explains what is wrong and gives clear and simple demonstrations for all the exercises he gives, making it easy for me to carry them out in day-to-day life.  I have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone who is need of them.

Our son was complaining of a headache for over two weeks following an accident at school with a football.  After exhausting all other options, we approached Hamish for treatment and within one day our son was headache free.  What an amazing result! thank you!!

I started seeing Hamish at Orewa Osteopathy over a year ago, as I had ongoing neck pain from a car accident quite a few years ago.  Previously I had seen many chiropractors and Physios, which gave me short relief, but the pain kept coming back again and again.  Since I started my treatment with Hamish my neck pain has eased dramatically, I once used to go to the chiropractor and Physio twice a week, and I now go to Hamish when I need to.  He gave me strengthening exercises to do on a regular basis, this not only helped the cause of my pain but has helped me dramatically overall.  I would recommend Hamish at Orewa Osteopathy to anyone.

When my GP referred me to an Osteopath for neck and shoulder pain I asked what’s that?  I had been referred to a Physio and a Chiropractor with no relief. I was pretty miserable. The first thing Hamish did was sent me off for an X-ray (not done previously). Then after a careful explanation of the diagnosis and treatment plan we set about to work together to sort out the problem.  After a few short weeks of treatment I am continuing with my exercises, I am back at the gym and getting on with life. There has been a marked improvement.  I would thoroughly recommend Hamish and the Orewa Osteopathy Team. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and achieves good outcomes. A nice guy who knows what he’s doing.

For fifteen years I have had constant pain in my hip, back, groin and knee.  I have been to a number of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, shoe clinics and had many x-rays over the years with no positive results.  On putting my back out I went to see Hamish for treatment.  In two weeks he settled my back and then we discussed treating my other problems.  After a few treatments Hamish thought my pain was coming from my groin, and he was completely right.  So far (touch wood) I am free of pain when I go walking, I am bouncing along and even my knee is much improved.  I am 73 years old so have had to limit my exercising for years; I had to stop playing bowls which was quite upsetting.  As you can see I am so grateful for the help Hamish has given me.  With grateful thanks.

I had been having severe lower back pain, along with constant pain down my right leg for about 2 and a half years. I tried the Chriopractor for approx. 3 months, however this did not help the pain long term. I was recommended by a friend to see Hamish. After my first visit, the pain had definitely decreased. Hamish instantly hit those ‘spots’ in where I was getting a lot of pain.  After only 4 appointments, my pain had decreased from an 8/10 to a 1 out of 10. Hamish gave me wonderful exercises to help with the problem, and I found these worked brilliantly and instantly. His massage and Osteo techniques work brilliantly and have provided me with great relief.  I would definitely recommend Hamish to anyone, and can honestly say he will help to fix any problem you may have.

After sustaining an injury to my back I sought treatment from Hamish. After only three treatments my pain level decreased from 9 to 0.5.  I would thoroughly recommend Hamish’s osteopathic treatment to every one, with similar injuries.  Totally professional at all times.

I went to Hamish at Orewa Osteopathy, after he was recommended to me, by some friends, at our local tennis club. They spoke very highly of him.  I had been suffering with ongoing headaches, which were debilitating at times. A doctor thought that they were exercise related, and prescribed ibrubrofen/paracetamol, but I didn’t want to be taking these nearly everyday!  I thought that the headaches could possibly be related to my neck, and I knew that osteopathy was good for this kind of treatment.  I am happy to say that after only three consultations, it has definitely helped, and I am so much better now.  I found Hamish to be very professional, but with a friendly, caring manner.  I have already recommended Hamish to my friends.

I have been fortunate to have been able to rely on Hamish several times over the last five years when faced with a variety of back related issues.  On every occasion he has demonstrated a totally professional approach, promptly analysing and identifying the cause of my health issues.  He demonstrates a totally professional approach and is extremely knowledgable when administering treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who would benefit from osteopathic treatment.

I have just recently had a baby and suffered a lot during my pregnancy with back pain and pain in my sides, close to where my ribs are.  I was pretty big so this caused a lot of strain on my body. My sister referred me to Hamish at Orewa Osteopathy as she found the treatments very good for her back pain.  I found the treatments during my pregnancy invaluable and the relief I got from them got me through a very uncomfortable time!  Hamish is a very friendly and approachable person who really listens to his patients and treats them accordingly. I would really recommend him and have already done so on many occasions.