Postural Issues

Postural Issues, or Postural Syndrome, most commonly affects the neck, upper back and top of the shoulders however it can affect anywhere in the body where a sustained non-neutral posture is used on a regular basis.

These sustained non-neutral postures put a low grade stress on tissues such as muscles, ligaments and joint capsules. If these tissues are exposed to this loading for a short period of time it is of little consequence however if repeated, prolonged exposure occurs these tissues can become inflamed, irritated and painful.

People prone to postural strains and postural syndrome are those in sedentary jobs (i.e. desk based), especially with poor ergonomics (poor workstation set up).  It is common for people with postural syndrome to have a daily pain pattern of waking feeling ok but having progressively worsening pain throughout their working day.  Often weekends are better provided they are not using sustained postures in their free time as well.

How we treat Postural Issues

Treatment effect is often strong for these patients however the benefits of treatment can be short lived if ergonomic and postural issues are not addressed.

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