Below is a list of frequently asked questions designed to help you find what you need.  Click on a FAQ to read more about it.

Every person and situation is different. If the symptoms are relieved by the first Osteopathic treatment you will probably need one or two follow up treatments to ensure that you are returned to health and that the condition is fully cleared. Some people require regular maintenance every 3-4 months. We do not commit you to blocks of 10 or 12 treatments.

No, Osteopaths are independent practitioners and can consult with and treat most prospective patients. You can chose who you wish to consult. However, many of our patients are referred to us by doctors and other health professionals.

If you have any doubts call us. If we consider that Osteopathy is not the best treatment for you, we will tell you and can probably advise you as to the best people to consult.

In New Zealand Osteopaths (unless they are also registered medical practitioners) cannot prescribe controlled, restricted, prescription only substances. However, in most cases of musculoskeletal pain; OTC (over the counter) painkillers and anti-inflammatories are effective.

Any information that contributes to an accurate diagnosis is useful. If you already have recent X-rays or scans bring them with you to your first consultation. However, as a principle we don’t condone exposing people to ionising radiation unnecessarily. Most people don’t require an X-ray, but if it is necessary we can send you for an X-ray.

ACC will contribute to the cost of osteopathic treatment if your condition/injury is accident related. If your accident has already been recorded by ACC we need the details including the claim number. If it is a new injury we will register your claim with ACC. You don’t need your doctor to refer you. ACC cover roughly 50% of the cost of your consultation.

Most medical insurers will cover you for Osteopathy, but some policies will limit the amount that you can claim in any one year. If in doubt contact your insurer’s customer services or help desk.

If you are an ACTIVA member bring your card with you, as we can charge them directly.

As long as it takes to give an effective treatment. This varies from one situation to another. We normally book every 30 minutes. For a first appointment it is helpful if you are few minutes early to allow time for taking details, the necessary form filling and explanations. First time appointments involve a thorough case history and examination and generally last between 45 mins to an hour.

Yes of course. If the patient is under 16 years they should be accompanied by an adult.

Payment is due at the time of treatment/consultation. If we have to render an account a further charge will be made. We accept; cash, cheques, eftpos. Sorry, no credit cards.