Shanon Coxall-Jones

Shanon Coxall-Jones

Osteopath Senior Therapist 


Shanon has been a regular fixture at OsteoMe since 2016 and is currently the longest-serving osteopath on staff. Now working exclusively in the Silverdale clinic he estimates he must have seen over a thousand clients in that time, and has a special interest in treating back, neck, and headache issues. Shanon is well known for his diagnostic, hands-on, and communications skills, and will nearly always provide options for you to try at home to speed along your recovery at home.

He also has an extensive background in martial arts and dance, and can frequently be found training the next generations of West Coast Swing dancers at Street Swing in his spare time. Plus, he loves dogs so he can’t be all bad.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)  Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ)

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