Helena Bassett

Helena Bassett

Helena Bassett


(BspSC, BAppScMOst)

Helena graduated from Unitec, Auckland after completing the required five years of study including a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Osteopathy.

Helena became passionate about osteopathy due to its holistic approach to the body, and after witnessing the benefits of osteopathy treatments when her husband was recovering from lower back disc replacements. Helena decided to pursue her dream of becoming an osteopath as a mature student 2018.

Helena tailors her treatments and managements to suit the individual. Whether it is an overuse injury or more acute, she believes it is important to look at the bigger picture, not only reducing symptoms but finding out what may have caused the issues in the first place. This helps to provide a more accurate prognosis and management plan where her overall aim is to get you back to normal function so you can enjoy life and what is important to you.

Helena treats a wide range of patients including sports related injuries and rehabilitation to chronic pain management. Helena has a special interest in breathing dysfunctions and completed her Master thesis on management and treatment of mouth breathing in children. Helena enjoys learning and always look at opportunities to improve her skills and knowledge and stay current with research within the field. She has a passion for women and pregnancy health and plan to further develop her treatment and management skills around babies this year.

Helena has always had an interest in health and wellbeing and comes from a background of sport science and management. She first came to New Zealand when she was 19 years old during her professional yachting career while competing for Sweden and quickly fell in love with the country and the people around her. Fast forward a few years, she is now a mum of two active boys aged seven and nine and settled in Auckland with her kiwi husband. On her free time Helena enjoys spending time with friends and exploring new foods and restaurants. She stays active by trying to keep up with the kids on their bikes, she still loves going for a sail, but latest challenge is to try master wake surfing and wing foiling.

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