Vance Miller

Vance Miller


(BAppSc, MOst)

Vance graduated from Unitec New Zealand with the Master of Osteopathy degree. He holds a current annual practicing certificate and is an ACC registered provider.

Vance first gained an interest in Osteopathy following a whiplash incident which prompted him to visit multiple manual therapists. Vance only found success and resolution of pain through Osteopathic treatment. This lead him to participate as a ‘student for a day’ at Unitec which was offered to interested individuals, from then on he was hooked.

Vance maintains a holistic approach when assessing clients in which the mechanics of the whole body is considered, ensuring no predisposing or maintaining factors are overlooked when making a diagnosis. He believes this is the best way to target the root cause of  the pain/dysfunction as opposed to the symptoms alone.

Vance  enjoys treating a wide variety of patients of all ages, with particular interest in breathing, physical performance and athletes.

Vance has a passion for sports and the outdoors and is heavily involved in martial arts both as a coach and competitor. He also enjoys surfing, fishing, and diving which stems from his love of the ocean.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)  Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ)